Ginebra Bellucci – Photographer Blows Model


Please welcome the absolutely breath-taking hottie Ginebra Bellucci to our valued DDF Network team. This dream girl with long brunette hair and beautiful brown eyes can’t wait to seduce today’s photo model Miguel Zayas in the outdoors. The curvy glamour babe from Spain touches his chest and feels his enormous dick getting harder and harder while she keeps taking pictures of him. Soon, she takes that massive cock out of his tight pants and slides his shaft deep down her throat to give him the blowjob of his life.

She takes off her hot skin-tight dress and lets him touch her natural tits, play with her hard nipples and kiss her neck. Watch him finger her shaved pussy underneath her lingerie before that absolutely mind-blowing young milf continues sucking his big hard-on. We get to see her peach-like butt from behind as she kneels in front of that gentleman with his enormous dick in her insatiable mouth. Finally, he blows a big load of cum into her mouth which runs all over her lovely titties.

Ginebra Bellucci – Photographer Blows Model

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Date: September 14, 2018

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